Emmanuel Baptist Church


  • 9:30 am Sundays                                                           Sunday School
  • 10:45 am Sundays                                                         Morning Worship Service
  • 6:00 pm Wednesdays                                                    Mid-Week Worship
  • 1st Sundays 8:00 am                                                     Deacons Meeting
  • 1st Sundays 8:30 am                                                     Deaconesses Meeting
  • 1st Saturdays 11:00 am                                                 Evangelism Ministry Meeting
  • 2nd Sundays 8:00 am                                                   Shepherds Ministry Meeting
  • 2nd Saturdays 9:00 am                                                 Ushers Ministry Meeting
  • 4th Saturdays 12:00 pm                                                Women's Ministry Meeting

Emmanuel Baptist Church meetings provide time for fellowship and networking, giving us a chance to learn more about each other and build lasting friendships. Our meetings provide an opportunity to plan special events and decide how our resources can best be used to help our community or for special needs within our church.  Through prayer we have opportunities to thank God for all of our blessings and ask for help or Christian support and encouragement when needed.

Scheduled Services & Meetings