Our "Principles of Ministry" reflects how we intend to carry out our mission...

  • By having the faith to depend on God 

  • By being a devoted to prayer 

  • To be joyful in worship 
  • By expressing and spreading our faith 
  • By having a strong pulpit ministry
  • To focus on discipleship
  • By developing caring agape relationships
  • By being able to quickly responding to those in need 
  • By being a beacon in our community
  • By striving to maintain unity
  • By having strong team ministries
  • By having spiritually gifted believers to serve on ministry teams
  • By having a leading ministry both inside and outside the "church" building

Ministries and Committees

  • Beautification   

  • Benevolence

  • Christian Education

  • Choir

  • Culinary

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

  • Event Planning

  • Missions

  • New Member's Committee

  • Shepherds

  • Sunday School

  • Trustee

  • Ushers

  • Mid-Week Worship

  • Women

  • Worship

  • Youth

Complete the registration for the Annual Back to School Festival, to help ensure that the services needed will be available.  Community Partners and services offered are subject to change. Food, clothing, school supplies, and free services are limited and are on a first come/first served basis.

Emmanuel Baptist Church


Principles of Ministry

Emmanuel Baptist Church Ministries